The people who protect our freedom deserve our support once they return home. It is not unusual for the current generation of Veterans to have served multiple tours of duty in combat zones. The physical and psychological impact of this is staggering, and many return home to find the safety net promised to them by our government severely lacking. The federal government has an obligation to provide men and women who serve our nation with the best possible care. The families of our fallen soldiers also deserve the resources necessary to put their lives back together. 

Veterans should not be subjected to inadequate health care options, poor health services or long VA hospital lines and waiting lists.  I will work to ensure that VA hospitals are never understaffed, and that Veterans never have to wait to receive the care they deserve.  The men and women who safeguard our freedoms have more than earned their right to outstanding care and the assistance they need in order to transition into the civilian leadership we need.

A disproportionate number of America’s homeless are Veterans. This is unacceptable. I will support the creation of more job-placement programs for the people who have served, and will fight to make the disability-claims process significantly more efficient.

I will fight against

  • Cuts to Veterans benefits






I will fight for

  • Expanded Veterans benefits
  • Veteran employment opportunities
  • The best available care and coverage for our Veterans
  • Better-equipped, better-staffed VA hospitals
  • Adequate resources and support for the families of fallen military
  • Effective programs for helping Veterans transition to civilian life and leadership
  • A more streamlined disability-claims process