Is there an issue more central to our future health than protecting our environment?  As users of the resources provided to us by nature, generation after generation, we have an obligation to be good stewards of those resources.  More than 100 years ago, President Teddy Roosevelt said, “The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased.”

Climate change is real, and our response to settled science matters. By taking seriously the threat of climate change we open the door for new, cleaner and renewable energy sources and all the economic benefits that come with being pioneers in the energy solutions of tomorrow.

America must regain the leading edge in clean energy innovation. Clean, renewable energy will not only curb the effects of climate change, but will also strengthen our economic impact in the world by providing thousands of our friends and neighbors with good, high-paying jobs.

I will fight to return America to its place as a leader among the 194 nations of the world who signed the Paris Climate Accord, pledging cooperation and scientific advancement in slowing climate change. The effects of climate change are much more perilous than the simplistic threat of rising oceans and flooded coastal areas. As weather patterns become more chaotic and global temperatures rise, the world’s food supply will be drastically curtailed. When people are starving, they become desperate. The resulting destabilization is already reaching into every corner of the planet. Because of these increasingly destabilized populations, the Pentagon has identified climate change as one of the greatest dangers threatening our nation’s security. I will work vigorously to again make America a partner in the fight against this threat. Our children, and our children’s children, deserve nothing less than our best efforts in this critical arena.

I will support the investment of more resources into scientific inquiry, and especially energy research. Perhaps more than any other region, North Alabama has benefited economically from scientific and technological innovation. Building on our history of federal partnerships, entrepreneurial leadership and bold action, North Alabama should be on the front lines of research, development, and production of renewable energy technology.

I will fight against

  • Cuts to the EPA
  • The rejection of science in favor of for-profit ideologies in policy-making
  • Efforts to prevent or discourage America from promoting positive solutions that benefit populations worldwide
  • The rejection of clean energy in favor of deregulated dirty energy profiteering
  • Cuts to renewable energy research

 I will fight for

  • Restoring American leadership in addressing the devastating and dangerous effects of climate change on the world’s populations
  • The reduction of carbon emissions
  • Scientific research into renewable energy
  • Policies that promote global cooperation to stem climate change
  • Bringing renewable energy jobs to North Alabama