Peter Joffrion Defends the Working Men and Women of Redstone Arsenal


Congressional Candidate Peter Joffrion defends pay raises for federal civilian employees at Redstone Arsenal and across Madison County. Last week in a letter to Congressional leaders, President Trump authorized a pay freeze for civilian federal employees in 2019.

“The working men and women of Redstone Arsenal serve a vital function in protecting our country from foreign threats. They have earned a pay raise through service to our country and hard work,” Joffrion stated.

Representatives from the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) have noted that 40,000+ federal jobs on Redstone Arsenal and across North Alabama will be impacted by this action.

“Congress can and should act to ensure these civil servants receive a cost of living raise. Federal employees like those on Redstone Arsenal are the backbone of Huntsville's economy, and they deserve a Congressman who will stand up and fight for their jobs and their pay. Mo Brooks won't. I will.”

Dexter Strong

Dexter is founder partner with Modern Scope, LLC, and PR which helps churches and non-profits market themselves in the age of information.