Sellout Congressman Mo Brooks Refuses to Stand-Up for Local Consumers amid Tariff War; Peter Joffrion Reissues Debate Challenge


Peter Joffrion, Democratic nominee for Congress in CD5, has called out Mo Brooks for refusing stand for local consumers.

On Monday, President Trump’s 10 percent tariffs went into effect on an estimated $200 billion worth of products imported from China, and they include everything from the everyday household products like shampoo and paper towels. According to Newsweek, retailers stores like Walmart have indicated that they will raise prices in response.

Retailer Target has indicated that they will respond similarly, according to CNN Money. Target's chief merchandising officer, Mark Tritton, penned a letter to U.S. trade representative, Robert Lighthizer. In the September 6th letter he states, “We are disappointed that despite broadly expressed concerns from companies and groups across a variety of industries, the administration has continued to escalate the threat of tariffs that would penalize American families.”

“These tariffs are not only hurting local businesses, but now also families. Working North Alabamians, who already feel squeezed financially due to stagnant wages, will have to spend more of their hard earned money to buy household necessities like backpacks, car seats, and clothing,” Joffrion stated.

“The impact of these tariffs will be felt most acutely by families who are already struggling to make ends meet. It is staggering that my opponent has refused to speak out against these tariffs. Another import tariff is scheduled to take affect New Years Day, which will drive up the prices of household essentials even further. We need leadership that works for North Alabama families, not special interests and DC insiders,” Joffrion continued.

“If Mo really believes his ideas represent what’s best for Congressional District 5, why won’t he publically debate me? North Alabamians deserve answers,” Joffrion added. “It’s time for Mo to quit running from his constituents and give an account for why they should continue paying his salary when he has utterly failed to do his job.”