Sellout Congressman Mo Brooks Refuses to Side with Local Farmers on Tariffs


Peter Joffrion, Democratic nominee for Congress in CD5, has called out Mo Brooks for refusing to publicly stand up for North Alabama farmers.

North Alabama is home to a thriving and globally competitive agricultural industry. According to the Alabama Farmers Federation, in 2016 Limestone County was the most productive soybean county in Alabama with 2.2 million bushels. Madison County followed with 1.6 million bushels. Each of these counties are in Alabama Congressional District 5.

President Trump’s announced tariffs have resulted in the cancellation in May of this year of all U.S. soybean orders by China. Soybeans are the top U.S. agricultural export to China. According to the U.S. chamber of commerce, Alabama will be the 5th hardest hit state in the country as a result of the escalating trade war. The tariffs already enacted put $3.5 billion worth of Alabama exports at risk.  Soybeans from Limestone, Madison, and Lawrence counties in North Alabama alone accounted for $50 million of that amount in 2016.

“Individual farmers and agricultural industries are under threat because my opponent is too busy chasing special interest money to defend local farmers and their livelihoods from an escalating trade war. My opponent has yet to condemn these harmful tariffs, and it’s time for him to decide whether or not he will fight for North Alabama farmers,” said Joffrion.

“When I’m elected I'll fight for North Alabama and defend us against political agendas that undermine our local economy,” Joffrion promised. “I am committed to doing what’s right for North Alabamians - not for Wall Street bankers and DC insiders. That means defending our farmers by vigorously rejecting the tariffs that threaten their businesses,” Joffrion continued.