Sellout Congressman Mo Brooks Refuses to Side with Local Business Leaders; Joffrion Re-Issues his Debate Challenge


Huntsville, AL, September 27, 2018 — Peter Joffrion, the Democratic nominee for Congress in CD5, has called out Mo Brooks for refusing to publicly support local businesses that are being negatively impacted by an escalating trade war.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Alabama will be the 5th hardest hit state in the country as a result of the escalating trade war. The tariffs already enacted put $3.5 billion worth of Alabama exports at risk. Additionally, North Alabama industries which rely on components made in China are being adversely affected by tariffs on key manufacturing components.

“It’s the job of our Congressional Representative to protect the industries which drive our local economy. Mo Brooks is simply not doing his job,” said Joffrion. “Our local auto manufacturing plants and other industries which rely on steel components are under serious strain. I’ve talked to local business leaders and learned that many companies will have to move well-paying jobs overseas or begin the process to mechanically automate the production of their goods,” Joffrion added. “That’s not good for business, and it’s not good for North Alabama.”

“When I’m elected I'll fight for North Alabama and defend us against political agendas that undermine our local economy,” Joffrion promised. “I am committed to doing what’s right for North Alabamians. Not only does Mo Brooks owe every business leader an explanation as to why he refuses to stand up for them, it’s time he quit running and agreed to a public debate.”