Mo Brooks is Selling out your Family and Friends who have Pre-Existing Conditions


Peter Joffrion has called out Mo Brooks for his failure to protect his constituents with pre-existing conditions, which directly affects over 1 million Alabamians.

“He has sold you out for the legal bribes made to his campaign by insurance companies, big pharma, special interest PACs and large corporations,” said Joffrion, the Democratic candidate for Congress and Brooks’ opponent.

"North Alabamians live in fear of losing coverage for pre-existing conditions, and Mo Brooks would apparently like to see it happen," stated Joffrion.  Brooks has repeatedly demonstrated that his big money cronies take priority over his constituents.

Real concerns from CD5 constituents affected by pre-existing conditions became apparent to Peter Joffrion as he spoke with voters this week.

Since its implementation in 2010, extremist Mo Brooks has voted to rescind the Affordable Care Act 60 times without offering any sort of replacement health care plan for the people of North Alabama.

“When I’m elected I’ll fight for lower health care costs and the preservation of choice, and we can do that through the expansion of Medicare to everyone,” Joffrion promised.