Sellout Congressman Mo Brooks rakes in campaign cash from Big Pharma. North Alabama families foot the bill

Peter Joffrion has called out Mo Brooks for refusing to hold the pharmaceutical industry accountable.  

“Families all across North Alabama are having trouble paying for their prescription medications. We need leadership that fights for families, not the DC lobbyists and special interests.  I will fight to ensure that prescription drugs are affordable and accessible, so no North Alabamian has to choose between paying for the medicine they need and paying the power bill,” said Joffrion, who is running against Brooks and the DC insiders.

“While families are being abused by the pharmaceutical industry, my opponent accepts contribution after contribution from the very same industry - $27,000 since he’s been in Congress - and that makes Mo part of the problem, yet again,” Joffrion continued.

“When I’m elected I'll fight for change, and I will fight to make our prescription medications more affordable. Most importantly, unlike my opponent, I will hold special interests accountable when they seek to exploit North Alabama families,” Joffrion promised.

Dexter Strong

Dexter is founder partner with Modern Scope, LLC, and PR which helps churches and non-profits market themselves in the age of information.