Peter Joffrion Calls Mo Brooks a “Sellout”

“Mo Brooks is a career politician who represents everything that is wrong with Washington DC. Working families across North Alabama are crippled by skyrocketing insurance premiums and huge deductibles, but Mo Brooks is focused on doing the bidding of his campaign contributors like Blue Cross Blue Shield instead,” Joffrion stated.

Over the past eight years since Brooks got elected, the people of Alabama have seen their health insurance premiums increase by at least 36% and deductibles increase by at least 63%. During that same time, Brooks has taken over $150,000 from the health care lobby.

“He has sold us out for $150,000, and now he refuses to debate and refuses to say he will stand up for the 1 million Alabamians with pre-existing conditions,” Joffrion continued.

“North Alabama needs leadership that fights for working families, not DC insiders and special interests. When I’m elected I’ll stand up to the special interests and work with folks like Huntsville Hospital CEO David Spillers, a self described ‘fiscal conservative’ who sees plans like Medicare for All as ‘more efficient and beneficial to this country than the system we have in place today.

Dexter Strong

Dexter is founder partner with Modern Scope, LLC, and PR which helps churches and non-profits market themselves in the age of information.