Congressional candidate Peter Joffrion calls out Washington’s culture of corruption

Congressional candidate for Alabama’s 5th Congressional District, Peter Joffrion, again calls on Rep. Mo Brooks to return $30,000 in dirty money he took from PACs associated with Drummond Co. and Balch & Bingham and convicted felons David Roberson and Joel Gilbert.

Washington’s culture of corruption dominates daily headlines. North Alabama needs leadership that holds those in power accountable and that refuses to blindly court special interest after special interest.

“While hard working North Alabamians are trying to make ends meet and deal with the rising costs of healthcare, my opponent is courting special interests whose agendas often undermine the people of North Alabama—special interests, for instance, that expose fellow Alabamians to toxic waste.”

As of last filing, Mo Brooks has taken $1.41 million in special interest money. “My campaign is refusing to accept corporate PAC donations because DC elite culture allows lobbyists to call the shots,” Joffrion stated.

"I am not corrupt. I am not tied to corruption. I will stand up for the citizens of North Alabama and protect the future of our children and our great country, not lobbyists and special interest groups” Joffrion continued.

Joffrion’s campaign has received over 30,000 individual contributions. The average contribution is $10.