North Alabama Deserves Better

Mo Brooks appeared on CNN this morning and predictably used fear-mongering to argue that we are facing an “invasion” of illegal immigrants from Mexico. All of his posturing cannot divert attention from his lack of action on issues that affect the day-to-day lives of North Alabamians.

Given Mo’s well-documented history of hostility towards immigrants, it is unreasonable to expect him to have compassion for families seeking asylum from human rights abuses and religious persecution. Exploiting their plight is unacceptable. As a member of Congress, he should be focused on improving the lives of people in his district.

North Alabama deserves a representative who will support the middle class and won’t vote to add 1.5 trillion dollars to the deficit by cutting taxes for the wealthiest among us. North Alabama deserves a congressman who will fight to make healthcare economically accessible for all, and ensure that our local healthcare facilities stay open. North Alabama deserves a representative who will provide checks and balances and oversight over those who abuse taxpayer funds.

Mo Brooks has proven that he is incapable of providing the type of representation that North Alabama families need. It’s time we put an end to empty rhetoric, and elect a representative who will get to work.