America Needs Consistent, Level-Headed Leadership.

America needs consistent, level-headed leadership, and the President’s actions this evening fall short of the mark on every account. The President ordered a missile strike on Syria to “establish a strong deterrent” against Bashar Al-Assad just one week after declaring his intent to remove all troops from the region. His inability to stick to a consistent and coherent military strategy is both hypocritical and dangerous. Additionally, the President acted unilaterally. His failure to secure Congressional approval for his action is an abuse of executive power and demonstrates a reckless approach to foreign policy that risks entangling our nation in another conflict that costs the lives of our troops. The reported actions of Assad merit a serious response, but the altruism of the President rings hollow, especially after he blocked Syrian refugees from seeking asylum within our borders. Tonight’s ordered missile strike against Syria falls utterly short of the standards we have set for ourselves as a nation and the standards the global community has come to expect from us.