It's Time to Fight!

I know that many people in this country feel discouraged right now. They feel that their voices are not heard, and they may have given up hope that things will ever change. Here in North Alabama many of our hard-working men and women have been ignored for so long that they, too, have wondered if fighting the system is worthwhile. It can be easy to give up when the struggle seems pointless.

There is, however, so much worth fighting for, and there’s an energy for real change in our district and our country that I have never seen before. I look around at my staff and our volunteers, and I see men and women from all ages and walks of life coming together to work for a better future for all of us. They understand that every person in North Alabama and every person in this country must have a seat at the table for our American Experiment to finally realize its ideals.

Now is not the time to shrug our shoulders and bury our heads in the sand. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves, redouble our efforts, and push ahead toward November 6th and whatever challenges come next. I am not quitting. My team is not giving up. We believe in the American Dream for everyone reading these words, and we won’t stop until we can all achieve it.