Entitled Politician Mo Brooks Wants to Steal Earned Benefits from North Alabamians


Peter Joffrion, the Democratic nominee for Congress in CD5, calls out Mo Brooks for failing to protect earned benefits.

“Mo Brooks plans to steal earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare from hard-working North Alabamians. Career politicians like Mo Brooks like to attack hard-working people who paid for their Social Security and Medicare by calling these things entitlements,” Joffrion stated.

Due to the deliberate actions of Mo Brooks and Mitch McConnell, the deficit has ballooned 17% in one year. President Trump called for 5% reductions in spending across the board, a decision that directly harms hard working people in North Alabama, specifically those in the defense industry and NASA. Additionally, Mo Brooks advocates stealing earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare in order to pay for his giveaways to elites. The tax cuts he supported are the key cause of the exploding deficit.

“Mo Brooks’ scheme is underhanded and harmful to North Alabama,” added Joffrion. “What makes it even worse is he refuses to let his boss—the people of North Alabama—challenge his terrible ideas. Running for Congress is like a job interview, and Mo Brooks’ knows he’ll fail his performance review so he avoids debate. He thinks he’s entitled to his job, but he’s not.”

Joffrion challenged Mo Brooks to a series of debates in July, but Brooks has refused to make himself accountable to the people of North Alabama in a public forum. Joffrion still welcomes a public debate. 

Peter Joffrion’s campaign has been identified as a Majority Maker race by the DCCC and has been endorsed by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.