I Participated in the Women’s March, and it was Awesome!


Last year women from all over the world initiated a movement of hope and empowerment. My wife Kerry, and my daughter Lily, were participants in that movement. They marched in Washington D.C. with over a million other women, rallying for justice, civility, and equality. My run for Congress was inspired by the women's march movement.

That movement hasn't died. On the contrary, it's picking up steam! Just last weekend, women from all over North Alabama came together to rally for change in our own communities--mothers, Grandmothers, and daughters. I felt a very familiar sense of inspiration.

Democracy depends on our continued involvement. We must remain committed to being the change we wish to see, and focusing our attention on the issues that affect us most at the local level. If the Huntsville women's march is any indication, we are headed in the right direction, in large part, because of the dedication of so many remarkable women.