We're Next.

On December, 12th, 2017 Alabamians chose decency over divisiveness. Together we proved that a motivated coalition of voters can propel the right candidate into office. We made history. Let's do it again next November!

Campaigns need money. Doug Jones was able to raise over 11 million dollars en route to his historic win. We don't like asking for money, but in order to mount a serious campaign against a well-funded incumbent, we are asking for your financial commitment. Mo Brooks raised over 1 million dollars prior to  September 30, the last financial reporting quarter. It is likely he has raised a similar amount of money since then.

Democrats only trailed in the total vote across the Fifth Congressional District by 482 votes. We can close that gap, but we need your help! We are closer than we've been in a very long time. Let's seize this opportunity and invest in history!

Dexter Strong

Dexter is founder partner with Modern Scope, LLC, and PR which helps churches and non-profits market themselves in the age of information.