I'm Making You a Promise

I am running to win, but I will not compromise democracy in order to do it. I am running a different type of campaign. In order to mount a successful bid for Congress I will have to fundraise. It will take a substantial amount of money to broadcast a new vision for North Alabama—one that includes better schools for our children, better healthcare for our neighbors and more, or better, jobs for those who need them, but I will not sell out to special interests groups in order to get elected. Democracy should not be for sale.

Ever since the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, elections have become feeding frenzies for special interest political action committees, big business, and the wealthiest among us. The size of one's bank account should not determine the size of one's influence on our political system. We need more people who are willing to run for office without acquiescing to corrupting agents of big money. We need more elected officials who are willing to take on the issue of campaign finance reform. I desire to do both.

I promise:

  1. Not to accept any contribution from any political action committees associated with 1) the private prison industry 2) big pharmaceutical companies 3) big oil companies or 4) the NRA.

  2. To disclose, on my website and social media accounts, each PAC contribution I receive. I will detail why I believe their purposes align with my values and why their interests align with what is best for North Alabamians. I will also report the median income of the people they represent.

  3. To support meaningful campaign finance reform to limit the disproportionate impact the wealthy can have on our election process.    

I want to receive contributions that make me accountable to 5th Congressional District citizens, collectively, not PACs which represent companies concerned about profiting from the citizens I seek to serve. Alabama's 5th Congressional District seat belongs to you. I want you to invest in my congressional campaign. Every donation counts, no matter how small. If we all do our part, together we can make history.