Our nation has been at war for sixteen years, with no real end in sight. It is not my intention to send another generation to war. I am a champion of military readiness, and will continue to be, but I will always vote to avoid putting our troops in harm’s way unless it is absolutely necessary. I will do everything in my power to turn our prayers for peace into concrete steps towards bringing our troops safely home. Military intervention should never be our first recourse, and I will only support it after we have exhausted every diplomatic and noncombat option. I will fight to restore a viable, fully-staffed State Department.

The terror threats we face are real and complex. We must take calculated steps towards defeating terrorism and terrorist organizations.  Only through careful planning, collaborating with global allies, and committing to our American ideals can we successfully combat terrorism. I will never support counter-terrorism efforts that put American citizens, or those seeking asylum in America’s great promise, in harm’s way. Creating more enemies out of those who seek America’s help is a bad strategy. I will stand firmly against this administration’s attempt to  vilify our friends and allies.

I will also do everything in my power to make our leaders face the hard truth that radicalization and extremism are problems on our own soil as well.  I will support established, nonpartisan efforts to make identifying and targeting homegrown hate groups a priority, and I will oppose any effort to look away from violence organized by our own citizens.

Our National Security decisions should always reflect America’s longstanding commitment to diplomacy above all, and should be made with caution and deliberation.  The approach to National Security cannot be transactional. It is essential that our military efforts work in conjunction with the efforts of our global allies and partners. Whenever possible, we must collaborate with our allies to ensure American troops never stand alone against those groups or nations who would seek to do us harm.

We must work to dismantle terrorists’ resource networks, and prevent our enemies from accessing the funds and weapons necessary to wage war against us. We must also leverage every available technological tool to protect American citizens and institutions from cyberattack. It is essential to our protected freedoms that we find a way to use this technology without infringing on our rights to privacy.

I will fight against

  • Unnecessary military intervention
  • Islamophobia, and any other form of prejudice disguised as patriotism



I will fight for

  • Diplomacy as a deterrent to war by restoring a fully-functioning State Department
  • Strengthening our relationships with allies
  • More military coordination between ourselves and our allies
  • Strengthening cyber security
  • Dismantling terrorist networks abroad and here at home