North Alabama Values Reliable Infrastructure

North Alabamians know that a building is only as strong as its foundation, and as such, we need to modernize North Alabama’s foundation--our infrastructure. We see the crumbling infrastructure across North Alabama. We know our roads, bridges, and airports are in need of repair. We know that revitalizing our infrastructure will not only improve our quality of life, but it will also improve the flow of goods and services that propel our economy. North Alabama has long been a hub of innovation and technological advancement, and we know that the expansion of critical infrastructure across the district will bring those opportunities to all North Alabamians.

I will support legislation that invests money needed to repair our roads, bridges, and airports so that we can propel our local economy and provide hundreds of good paying jobs for our friends and neighbors in the process.

I will support the expansion of high speed internet to our rural communities, which will allow us to attract new industries and jobs to these communities.

I will fight for consumer protections regarding our information infrastructure so that North Alabamians can always operate on a level playing field.

I will advocate strongly for investment in alternative energy opportunities across North Alabama which will promote energy independence, protect our environment and create new jobs and economic growth.