Every citizen deserves affordable, quality healthcare coverage. We must preserve and strengthen the policies that have made it possible for millions of Americans, including the poor and chronically ill, to receive the care they need.  

Our system must work more efficiently to bring down the cost of health insurance and provide more coverage options.  Some improvements can be accomplished easily if members of Congress set aside partisan rancor and open the door to cooperation and collaboration. The insurance industry despises uncertainty, and when there is great uncertainty about the direction and future of health care, insurance companies artificially raise rates as a hedge against potential costs they might have to absorb. 

Congressional efforts to end or reduce cost-sharing subsidies will make health care inaccessible for people who can’t afford higher premiums, higher deductibles and higher out-of-pocket costs.  Medicaid primarily supplies health care for many low-income families, adults and children with disabilities and seniors living in nursing homes. Cutting Medicaid will shift those costs to the health insurance exchanges, thereby increasing premiums for everyone.

The solution is not to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but to stabilize programs for the exchanges, support Medicaid expansion, retain the individual mandate and retain the cost-sharing subsidies. We must achieve bipartisan fixes to the Affordable Care Act. This is the best way to guarantee access to health insurance that is affordable, preserves health care for individuals with pre-existing conditions, permits children to remain on their parents’ insurance until the age of 26, allows no lifetime caps on coverage, and reduces the cost of prescription drugs.

I will fight against

  • Dismantling the Affordable Care Act
  • Profiteering pharmaceutical companies
  • Rural health program budget cuts

I will fight for

  • Repairing and improving the Affordable Care Act
  • Protecting Medicaid and Medicare
  • Lower costs for prescription medication
  • Restoring and maintaining a robust network of rural healthcare programs