Tour Of Gardens

Celebrate summer beauty at its best and join us for a garden tour of seven private gardens in the Twickenham and Old Town historic neighborhoods on Saturday, June 23 from 10 am to 2 pm.

Rain date: Sunday, June 24th from 12-4 pm.

Contact: 256-539-4250


Tour Gardens

1.  The Belmont Garden

2. The Boon Garden

3.  The Bradley-Burruss Garden

4.  The Brewster Garden

5. The Lowry Garden

6.  The Sherman Garden

7.  The Wilson-Benzle Garden

Tickets – in advance $10

Day of Tour - $15



* 601 Franklin St.

Hidden gardens tour

 Our featured gardens have deep roots; they are the repositories of fond memories, they showcase cherished art and heirlooms, and they reflect a gardener’s spirit to share nature’s handiwork with an appreciative audience.

Each garden is its own experience. Some gardens are formal, with stone walkways and clipped boxwood borders. Others are more casual, with meandering paths leading to outdoor rooms that evolved over time. While diverse, all of our featured gardens share common traits of hospitality and easy comfort.

Tour Bonus Feature! In addition to a love of gardening, our garden hosts also share friendships.You are invited through the secret garden gates and hidden alleys that connect the neighbors and their garden spaces.


Following the Hidden Garden Tour, please join us for an evening reception with the candidate, Peter Joffrion and renowned Horticulturist Harvey Cotten at the Garden of the Frank Nola Saturday, June 23 from 4 pm to 6 pm . Both Peter and Harvey  will be available to discuss how together we can achieve growth and prosperity.

Separate tickets are required for this event. 




Corks will be popping at the celebratory party in the garden of Frank Nola,  a preeminent architect whose Franklin Avenue garden fuses classic and contemporary design. Frank’s 1835 Greek revival house is the inspiration for his garden, interpreted through his modern design aesthetic that defies expectations. In the main garden, a modern sculpture by Huntsville artist Glenn Dasher commands all views, with classical elements introduced through the garden’s formal design of a grassy lawn with symmetrical gravel walkways and clipped boxwood that border the space.

Frank’s garden invites exploration; visitors discover that gravel walkways lead to smaller, private gardens, each with their own individual personalities. Frank’s use of boxwood, hydrangea, holly, magnolia and stone unify the gardens and create harmonious transitions from one visual delight to the next.


Horticulturist and Master Gardener instructor Harvey Cotten is graciously donating his services in support of Peter Joffrion for Congress. Harvey will visit your Garden and provide one and a half hours of consultation in exchange for a ticket donation of two hundred dollars. This donation will also include admission to the Hidden Garden Tour and the Evening Garden Reception.

harvey cotten.jpg

Harvey Cotten

Harvey Cotten is a garden writer, designer and consultant.
After 22 years with the Huntsville Botanical Garden, most recently as vice
president and chief horticulturist, he retired in 2014.
He continues to present workshops for the Botanical Garden, Master Gardener
Associations, Garden Clubs and other botanical gardens and arboreta while
lecturing across the southeast on various garden topics.
He is active in the Green Industry and is the Past President of –

  •     Alabama Invasive Plant Council
  •     Horticultural Research Institute
  •     Alabama Nursery & Landscape Association where he is still serving as Director Emeritus

Harvey co-authored the popular book “Easy Gardens for the South,” published
in 2009.
He earned a Bachelor of Science in Ornamental Horticulture from Mississippi
State University. Before coming on staff at the Huntsville Botanical Garden, he
was general manager of Monmouth Plantation in Natchez, Miss., and co-owner of Chase Nursery Co. in Huntsville.