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North Alabama Values a Strong Economy

North Alabamians know the value of hardwork. We want to provide for our families, stay ahead on our bills, and save for retirement. Politicians like to talk about economic recovery, but the reality for the average North Alabamian is long hours and stagnant wages. Our economy should reward hard work and provide opportunity for advancement. We need a tax code that prioritizes these North Alabama values.

I will fight for the expansion of working class tax cuts to allow families to keep more of their hard earned money.

I will support legislation that closes loopholes used by corporations and wealthy elites who have an army of tax attorneys at their disposal.

I will support legislation that decreases the overhead costs on small businesses and entrepreneurs allowing innovation to continue to flourish across North Alabama and employers to pay their employees a living wage.

I will champion workforce development initiatives to address the problems faced in our inner cities and in our rural settings because of the shifting industrial base in our country.

I will work hard to support our core industries like space exploration, biotech, agriculture, and national defense, to ensure they have the support they need to grow and continue providing jobs for the hard working men and women of North Alabama.

I will support legislation that honors hard work with a living wage and equitable pay for men and women.