As Huntsville City Attorney, I played a direct role in bringing new jobs to North Alabama. I know how to bring new businesses to all areas of our district, particularly those hardest hit by our shifting industrial base. I know how to cultivate an economic environment that keeps our existing businesses growing and thriving.

I believe Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District has the most creative and entrepreneurial spirit of any district in the nation. I will be a vocal and aggressive champion for every community in our district. I will always be working to bring new jobs and new economic opportunities home.

The economy should work for everyone, not just a privileged few. Our tax code should reflect this priority. I will work to simplify our tax code for small businesses.  Small businesses should not have to deal with undue regulatory burdens. I will pursue regulatory relief for small business owners, making it possible to pay their employees a living wage, and still remain a viable business enterprise. I am also deeply committed to environmental and consumer protection. Any regulatory reform effort should not come at the expense of our planet or everyday people.

All Americans deserve a living wage. Positive economic growth happens when everyone has enough money to meet their needs, not when money is concentrated in the very top economic strata. I will fight for a minimum wage that matches the cost of living.

Our government must close corporate tax loopholes. Large corporations that shift profits and jobs overseas should not be rewarded.  Large corporations should receive tax incentives for bringing profits and jobs back from overseas.  I will fight for removing or easing the financial barriers which block entrepreneurs and investors from entering our markets.  I will never support tax reform that comes at the expense of low and middle-income families, nor will I support a tax structure that allows the wealthiest among us to pay tax rates lower than low-and middle-income families.

I will fight against

  • Corporate corruption
  • Wasteful spending
  • Tax breaks that only benefit the wealthy

I will fight for

  • A more progressive tax system
  • Tax breaks and less regulation for small businesses
  • A living wage
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Rural Economic Development