Our criminal justice system must be reformed. The war on drugs has proven to be both ineffective and expensive.  Working with law enforcement, we must be willing to adapt more effective techniques to eliminate crime and keep our homes and families safe. We need to acknowledge that drug abuse and addiction are public health issues.  Part of the solution to combating drug abuse and addiction must be found in a viable health care system.

The federal government should lead the way in building bridges between law enforcement and communities of color. We must take seriously the injuries being caused by failed policies which have targeted minority communities, while appreciating the essential role police officers play in keeping us all safe.  As your voice in Congress, I will support initiatives that address the enormous social and economic costs of mass incarceration.

We must focus our attention on fighting violent crimes like murder, rape, human trafficking, and corruption, instead of warehousing nonviolent, low-level drug offenders in prisons at the expense of taxpayers.  I will oppose plans to build more private prisons for profit. The control of our nation’s prison systems should remain with government entities that are accountable to citizens.

We can combat recidivism through education, vocational training, and the elimination of mandatory minimum sentencing.  I support placing sentencing back in the hands of our judges, who are best suited to assess sentencing needs on a case by case basis.

When we help offenders successfully re-enter the workforce, we reduce the crime rate and the costs associated with housing prisoners, and we increase our tax base.  When we allow judges the flexibility to apply sentences commensurate with the gravity of a particular crime, we reduce the dependency of the criminal justice system and inmates on scarce taxpayer dollars, and we increase the likelihood that inmates, upon their eventual release, will be able to find meaningful employment during their peak adult employment years.

I will fight against

  • Mass incarceration.
  • Building more prisons for profit

I will fight for

  • Criminal justice reforms
  • More vocational training programs for inmates
  • Increased attention to anti-corruption
  • Eradicating human trafficking
  • More cyber security
  • More police benefits